We are drowning in data

Unstructured data like images, emails, documents, and videos. Structured data like tables and spreadsheets. There’s an exponential increase in the amount of data shared, but the amount of information consumed has plateaued. This is an issue.

We are here to solve it. Cosmify integrates unstructured and structured data, provides advanced search and discovery capabilities, enables knowledge management, and facilitates secure collaboration.

The system creates a model of the user's data sources and maps all relevant relationships between them based on individual words or properties. Users can then explore the model to find outliers, discover behavioral trends, and predict future results.

We empower better decision making in organizations so you don’t have to employ data shamans!

Our solution is designed to solve complex problems

No need to hire service providers or to purchase expensive licenses. We empower users to analyze and extract useful knowledge for decision-making support without large investments.

Save time. Bring the software to the data, not the data to the software. No expensive and time consuming ETL. Cosmify goes directly to the data sources. No extraction, conversion, or importing required.

We are efficient. The system can run in single workstation, so it can be deployed "in the field" for data acquisition and processing.

Scalable by design. Developed to service individuals, teams, organizations, or global groups with its modular design.

No need to know how to code. No complex commands. No programming. No data shamans. Users enter a natural language term or keywords to search, and click to select the types of analysis to perform on the results.

Correct and relevant results. Cosmify leverages the end user computer and data access to produce its results - the data sources are always right and current.

We have a talented team

Founded by the ex-Summly team, Cosmify has an international team of 5 people, with most of us based in San Francisco.


Eugene Ciurana is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cosmify, where his team is democratizing knowledge discovery in unstructured data through machine learning and data visualization. Prior to Cosmify, as CTO of Summly, he led the team that built one of the highest throughput natural language and automatic summarization systems in the world. Eugene's background as a tech executiveand thought leader includes Walmart.com Global, Badoo, JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, National Oilwell Varco, LeapFrog Enterprises, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Technology and Industry, Taleo, Sun Microsystems, and Bank of America. He is also an open source contributor and a serial entrepreneur.

Ana Nelson, Ph.D., is an economist, programmer, and data scientist and a respected innovator in the smart document space. Her open source Dexy software for computational reproducibility is used across multiple industries to generate research outputs, dashboards, software documentation, and data-driven reports. Ana is an intuitive and highly skilled developer, drawing on a broad range of areas of expertise and entrepreneurial experience to solve relevant problems quickly and with exceptional creativity.

Sriram Krishnan is passionate about building and scaling innovative technology startups. He was the VP, Business at Humin until the company was acquired by Tinder in March 2016. Prior to joining Humin, he was the founding member of the growth team at Spotify, where he was responsible for Spotify’s international expansion and operations

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